Super Wide imput voltage range, adaptive for extreme.
Online maintenance can be done securely when the load working.
A variety of communications and monitors ensure the power.

961,400.00 K 961400.0 MMK 961,400.00 K

961,400.00 K

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(961,400.00 K / Units)
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Product Features

Able to feed in from Generator
Wide Input Voltage Range (115V~300V), 
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Stable Voltage Output to ensure the safety and stability of the connecting devices..
Complete Battery Management automatically adjust the Battery Termination Voltage to extend the battery lifespan.
UPS will automatically start up during the Off Grid Condition to fulfill the emergency situation.
Wide Input Voltage Range, 
Suitable for Harsh Grid Environment,
Reliable and Cost Effective tailor made for PC and Small Enterprise Key Terminal Station, 
Automatic Switch on and working independtly.




Product Brand ECSUN
Color Black
Made in China
voltage 10KVA