Super Wide imput voltage range, adaptive for extreme.
Online maintenance can be done securely when the load working.
A variety of communications and monitors ensure the power.

2,881,500.00 K 2881500.0 MMK 2,881,500.00 K

2,881,500.00 K

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(2,881,500.00 K / Units)
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Product Features

• Double conversion online UPS

• High Performance DSP based full digital controlled, Pure sinewave output

• Having frequency converter operating mode

• Wide input voltage range, work well with different power quality

• Compatible with most generators set

• Embedded ianti-nput power factor corrector, avoid reactive power loss, saving power for user

• Having ECO mode. Enable best balance between energy saving and power protection

• Good loading adaptability, work well with laser printer, Ultrasonic cleaner

• Make with strong glass fiber base double side PCB(FR4), avoid dry solder, strong anti-vibration / anti-humidity / anti-dust capability

• Small profile, save installation space for user

• Accept deep customer-oriented, perfect match customer application requirement

• Attractive performance-cost ratio




Product Brand ECSUN
Color Black
Made in China
voltage 10KVA